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Tuesday, February 17, 2004  
Times of India
FEBRUARY 16, 2004
HC penalises policemen for registering false case

CHENNAI: The Madras High Court has directed the Tamil Nadu government to take disciplinary action against two state police officers for registering a false case against a woman advocate after she filed a complaint on rape of a Dalit woman.

Quashing the case against advocate Arokia Mary Lucia, charging her with naming a woman by her caste, Justice V Kanakaraj directed the state government to pay the lawyer Rs 1 lakh as compensation, in view of the 'injustice' meted out to her and to make monthly recoveries of the amount from the police officers - a DSP of Gingee and a sub-inspector of Avalurpet both in Villupuram district.

Turning down the lawyer's plea for a CBI probe into her complaint of rape and another pertaining to ransacking of her home by Muthu, named in the rape complaint, and his men to the CBI, the Judge directed the crime branch-CID of the state police to investigate both the complaints and file its final report within three months.

Lucia said that shortly thereafter Deivayanni, the aunt of Muthu, lodged a complaint against her alleging that she had abused the aunt by her caste. The police registered the complaint and prepared an FIR, the lawyer contended.

On another plea by the advocate, the Judge also directed Deivayanni to pay a penalty of Rs 5,000 within 30 days to the Tamil Nadu Legal Services Authority.


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Monday, February 16, 2004  
RAbble News - www.rabble.com
11 February 2004

Brazil to Mumbai: a controversial move

Over 80, 000 people from 132 countries and representing 2,660 organizations participated in this year's World Social Forum in Mumbai, India. This was the fourth annual gathering of social movements and civil society organizations from around the world united against neo-liberal globalization. This was the first WSF to be held outside Brazil and the decision to move the Forum was a controversial one.

Within hours of the WSF's opening, any lingering doubts about the wisdom of the move to India had been laid to rest. The grand convergence of participants in their dazzling diversity, with their costumes, drums, flags and banners transformed a post-industrial wasteland, an abandoned textile factory, into a festival grounds. The 2004 WSF was already an unqualified success. Already its continuity with the spirit of Porto Alegre was apparent. And already, a deep challenge to the Brazilians was laid down.

Unlike the WSF in Brazil, a sizable majority of participants in Mumbai came as part of mass, poor people's movements, notably movements of adivasi, or indigenous peoples, and dalits, or “untouchables.” The presence of these movements in such numbers transformed the political culture of the WSF. It foregrounded issues central to the survival of tribal peoples: their subsistence rights to lands, rivers, forests, and water against the destruction wrought by mega-development projects, resource extraction, privatization and corporate control of nature.

Full article at: http://www.rabble.ca/everyones_a_critic.shtml?x=30273

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February 15, 2004

Police under fire to find missing Dalit

Nearly 5000 people collected in Rohtak to protest police inaction in the disappearance of a Dalit sarpanch, the latest in a series of cases involving attacks on Dalits in the state.

In October 2002, five Dalits were lynched in Duleena village in Jhajjar district.

In Harsola, Kaithal district, 200 Dalit families fled their homes last year after being attacked. Just a few months ago a woman Dalit sarpanch was beaten in public at Gandhra village, Rohtak district.

Four months ago Karan Singh mysteriously disappeared from the Brahmin dominated Pehrewar village in Rohtak district.

“The sarpanch was sleeping when four people came and called him out,” recounted Karan Singh's brother.

Land dispute
The callers took Karan Singh to a dairy near his house because they wanted to force a decision on the village land worth crores of rupees.

One group of Brahmins wanted the panchayat to donate the land to the Gaur Brahmin Shikshan Sanstha, but another Brahmin group was violently opposed to it.

Karan Singh never returned. “He is missing because there was pressure from two parties. One party wanted the land, the other was against it. When they got to know, the resolution got cancelled,” admitted Hem Chand, one of the accused who had called the sarpanch for the meeting.

The family fears that Karan Singh was killed. Yet the police has ignored this line of investigation and none of the accused have been arrested. In fact, the police refused to lodge an FIR till over a month after the incident.

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15 February
Acid attack on dalit family in Bihar

The hospital in Bihar's Madhubani district has been treating the victims of a horrific attack for the past four days.

Nine members of a Dalit family were injured in an acid attack, three of them very seriously.

The injured are from Raghepura village and include four women and a three-year- old child. The attack on the poor family came after an internal dispute.

But the chances of justice being served to the victims are very slim as over four days after the incident, no police complaints have been registered so far.

The perpetrators succeeded in intimidating the Dalit family, as they were neither willing to register a police case nor talk to the media about it.

This kind of backlash in minor disputes is not rare in Bihar, especially when Dalits are involved. And in this case, with no FIR being filed, one cannot even hope for justice to be served.

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