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Wednesday, May 12, 2004  
The Times of India
MAY 11, 2004

Gorhe castigates police apathy

PUNE: Shiv Sena MLC Neelam Gorhe on Sunday demanded a probe into the delay on the part of the Theur and Loni Kalbhor police in registering a complaint about a 40-year-old woman being paraded naked at Theurgaon in the first week of May.

Gorhe, who brought the backward class woman to a news conference here, said the Loni Kalbhor police have recovered the woman’s sari and other clothes from the farm where she was allegedly stripped and dragged over a distance of one km for failing to repay a loan taken by her elder son. A medical examination conducted at the Sassoon hospital had revealed that the woman was molested and beaten by the accused.

It may be noted here that the woman was allegedly paraded naked and beaten up some time during May 2 and 3, after her elder son failed to repay a loan he had taken from Suresh and Balasaheb Kunjir, who own a brick kiln at Theur. The woman narrated how she was threatened and humiliated when she went to the Kunjirs to remind them that the Rs 5,000 loan was considered repaid since her son and daughter-in-law had worked at the kiln without wages for seven weeks.

Gorhe said when the woman fled to Indapur and tried to register a complaint, the police did not entertain her, stating that the incident had not taken place in their jurisdiction. The complaint was registered only after some members of the Dalit Panther organisation raised a hue and cry and met Pravin Patil, deputy superintendent of police.

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Monday, May 10, 2004  
6 May 2004

Dalit youth attackers held, Lad discharged

Assailants of Dalit youth Bhagvan Mahadeo Lad, who was beaten up by upper caste men at Nimone village in Shirur taluka for demanding equitable distribution of water, were arrested on Wednesday. Incidentally, Lad was also discharged from the Sassoon Hospital on Wednesday, but now faces arrest as a case of assault has been lodged against him.

Lad was attacked with iron rods, sticks and axes by seven youths on April 28. Sub Divisional Police Officer (Baramati) Sanjay Shintre, who is investigating the case, said Nimone resident Dattoba Pandharinath Dhorajkar along with six relatives were arrested on Wednesday for their alleged involvement in the attack on Lad.

Dhorajkar and the alleged accomplices were produced in the court of a Judicial Magistrate (First Class) at Shirur and were remanded to one day’s police custody. Shintre said the police had already recovered a stick and an iron rod which were used to attack Lad from the arrested people.

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