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Monday, May 24, 2004  
PUNE Newsline - Expressindia.com
21 May 2004
Dalit morcha creates stir in court

A MORCHA taken out by Bharatiya Dalit Kobra organisation to press various demands created a stir at the District and Sessions Court on Thursday. Participants of the morcha, who insisted on meeting District Judge at his chamber, indulged in a heated argument when stopped by policemen deployed on security duty for the remand hearing of counterfeit stamp and stamp paper racket’s alleged mastermind Abdul Karim Telgi. However, the proceeding of the court continued unaffected.

The Bharatiya Dalit Kobra workers later agreed to give the memorandum of demands to an Additional Sessions Judge. The morcha also went to Pune Municipal Corporation and Police Commissioner’s office.

Bharatiya Dalit Kobra’s demands include — not to grant anticipatory bail in cases of casteist atrocity, appointing special courts to try such cases, reinstatement of 1,200 PMC employees who have been retrenched and prompt police action in cases of atrocities against Dalits.

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