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Thursday, September 23, 2004  
Paswan for including Dalit Christians in SC quota
Kerala News 22-September-2004

Union Minister for Steel, Chemicals and Fertilisers Ramvilas Paswan has said that the Union Government should include Dalit Christians in the reservation list of Scheduled Castes. Inaugurating the 74th Reunification meet of the Malankara Catholic Church at St John’s Cathedral auditorium at Tiruvalla on Tuesday, Paswan said that social justice had been denied to backward classes in the Hindu society.

On account of the discrimination and neglect faced by them, they had opted for other religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. Lauding the contributions of the Christian Church, Paswan said that in the social sectors like education and health its role had been unparalleled. In North India, the Church has been helping the Harijans living in remote villages in many ways.


LEGISLATION PROPOSED: Later talking to newsmen, Ramvilas Paswan proposed to bring in a law to implement reservation in private sector undertakings also. Paswan said that bringing a law in Parliament was possible as most of the MPs in both Houses would agree to such a step. He said he was all for the 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004  
Last-minute talks prevent caste clash

Hindustan Times, 19 September 2004

Harjinder SidhuBhucho Mandi

TENSION PREVAILING in the village over the alleged biased attitude of the Dera Baba Roomi Wala against Dalits was diffused today after a compromise was reached between the panchayat and Dalit Sena, much to the relief of the district administration.
With the timely intervention of the panchayat and Dalit Sena’s national vice-president Subash Chand Bagri, deputed by president Ram Chander Paswan to review the situation, an inevitable clash was prevented.

Situation became tense today when hundreds of armed Dera followers and Dalit Sena activists begun gathering in the village. The mob even manhandled mediapersons and tried to snatch the cameras.

The dera has been preventing the Dalits from partaking langar with others or offer ardas. They weren’t even allowed to offer parshad and inquiries were made about caste on the basis of a person’s appearance. The Dalits have been up in arms against this discrimination and had been demanding an end to these practices.

During the talks today, the Panchayat assured that there would be no discrimination over langar, offering of prayers and taking bath in holy sarovar. Bagri prevailed over the Dalit Sena activists and they postponed the stir, for the time being. However, the panchayat left it to dera head Baba Khem Singh to decide on parshad.

Tension had gripped the area after the Dalit Sena had decided to hold a meeting today at the Bhai Jiwan Singh Gurdwara against discrimination. The panchayat was against the move.
Nakas were laid on the roads leading to the dera. A number of Dalit Sena activists were rounded up last night and early today as a preventive measure. Even Bagri wasn’t allowed out of the Circuit House. When the panchayat offered to hold talks, the Dalit Sena leader accepted the offer.

The Dalit Sena, under the banner of Jat Pat Hatao Action Committee, has been protesting against the dera management for the last four months. A delegation had meet Akal Takht Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti and SGPC authorities, seeking action against the dera management committee. The Sena had also raised this issue with the Congress high command, alleging that the state government was not attending to their complaints due to Capt Amarinder Singh’s proximity to the dera.

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