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Thursday, December 09, 2004  
Maoists draft dalits at gunpoint

Himalayan News Service
December 5

Maoist militias, yesterday, abducted over 150 dalits from Chauki area of west Doti. A local, who managed to reach the district headquarters, said the Maoists forced the dalits of the area to follow them. The Maoists sought one person from each Dalit household to join them in their four-month-long movement. This is the first time that the Maoists have targeted dalits like this.

According to locals, the Maoists began drafting dalits forcefully from Latamandu, Pachnali, Tijali, Barabata, Talkot, Dahakalikasthan, Mahadevsthan, Mudbhara, Mudegaon Chhapali and Giri Chauka VDCs. Terror reigns in the dalits’ houses after one person from each household was forced to join the Maoists for such a long time, those successful in fleeing to the district headquarters said. They added the Maoists had not told the families where the draftees would be taken or what they were supposed to do. Security sources in the district said they had no news of the abduction.

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