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Monday, February 28, 2005  
Somali refugee deported to Cyprus

The Jerusalem Post
24 Februrary 2005


A Somali citizen who arrived here six years ago, spent the last three in jail and was about to be sent home arrived in Cyprus earlier this week where his request for resettlement in a safe country will be processed by the UN, his attorney, Shamai Leibowitz, said yesterday.
According to Leibowitz, Faisal Madadal, 38, came to Israel to escape the violence aimed at his clan, the Migdan clan, which is considered low caste and subhuman by other Somali clans.
According to Leibowitz, since the fall of the government of Said Barre in 1991, Madadal's clan has been subject to attacks including murder, looting, rape, discrimination, detention and torture. In 1997, two of his brothers were killed by gunmen of the Isshak tribe, who also destroyed the family home. Madadal fled to a refugee camp on the Somali-Ethiopian border and reached Israel in January 1999.

He was granted a visa, which expired after three years. On April 13, 2004, he was picked up by police after allegedly being overheard saying he was ready to become a suicide bomber and ordered deported to Somalia as an illegal alien.

Leibowitz told The Jerusalem Post that as the Israeli attorney representing the Washington-based Africa Legal, Human and Civil Rights Center, he met Madadal last March and petitioned the Supreme Court to cancel the deportation order on the grounds that his life would be in serious danger as soon as he returned to Somalia. The court rejected the appeal on January 4, and upheld the deportation order.

Leibowitz charged that the decision violated the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and filed a request with the UN high commissioner for refugees and the US State Department to intervene. At the same time, ALHCRC began looking for a country willing to accept Madadal. On February 18, Cyprus informed the organization it would take him in, and he was sent there immediately afterwards.

Meanwhile, ALHCRC has filed a memorandum with the US State Department maintaining that Madadal meets the definition of a refugee as articulated in US and international law and therefore qualifies for resettlement in the US.

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‘Lift ban on entry of rehriwalas in Mohali residential sectors’

Chandigarh Newsline
Express News Service
24 February 2005

Dalit Rights Protection Forum, Punjab, has alleged harassment of various rehri and phariwalas in residential areas of various sectors. The organisation demanded that the Mohali police’s prohibition orders should be withdrawn immediately.

In a representation to the Punjab Governor and Chief Minister, Pushpa Salaria, president of the forum, said their organisation had received many complaints from Dalits who were engaged in the business of selling dairy items, vegetables, eatables and who were detained illegally by the Mohali police in compliance of arbitrary police orders. Such a move could not prevent crime or criminals from their activities, she said, adding that more than 200 vegetable sellers, confectionery vendors, milkmen and even Dhobis (washermen) were adversely affected.
SP, Mohali, Rakesh Agrawal, when contacted, stated that the police had not banned any milkman from entering these areas. However, rehriwalas and kabaris have been directed to stay away from residential areas. He stated that the police would hold a meeting of resident welfare associations in various sectors to decide the issue.

The police action, meanwhile, has evoked a mixed reaction among the people. Some residents stated that though they face inconvenience because of the non-availability of essential goods at their doorstep, their safety and security was also an important issue.

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