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Monday, October 03, 2005  
Brahmin family assaulted in Bihar

October 3, 2005

In a shocking incident in the caste ridden state of Bihar, a Brahmin priest family was brutally beaten and outcast by the community. Their crime - defying fellow castemen because they performed puja at Dalit houses.

This shocking incident took place in Vaishali district and most of the victims are now undergoing treatment in the Hajipur Sadar Hospital."They entered my house and beat our family members. In the process I was badly hurt and my hand and leg got fractured. They didn't want my father and brother to offer puja in a Dalits family," said Anju Devi, daughter. "We are a poor family and if we don't offer puja, how will we survive?" said Kunti Devi, mother.

In Poorva village, when the victims of the Ojha family tried to speak to the NDTV team, villagers started arguing with their family head, Ramchandra Ojha and throwing further allegations. They accused his daughter of having an affair with a boy from a lower caste. The police say that investigation is on."In this case investigation is on. We are trying to arrest the culprit," said Jamaluddin, Station Incharge, Hajipur Sadar police station.This case suggests that rampant untouchability still prevails in the society of Bihar.

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