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Tuesday, September 12, 2006  
'Dalit IIM students get less moolah'Mathang Seshagiri
12 Sep, 2006

Times of India

BANGALORE: Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) may have boycotted B-school surveys. But business magazines and research organisations have used Right to Information Act to come up with embarrassing disclosures Dalit students get less money than general category students.

New Delhi-based research organisation Cfore, which conducts an annual B-school survey for a national weekly, used RTI Act to expose the fact that SC/ST students are paid way below general category students during placements and also that the recipient of lowest salary offered is usually a Dalit. The survey found that the average salary for a Dalit is at least 2 lakh less than the average salary at IIMs. At IIM-A, while the average salary was Rs 9.6 lakh per annual, Dalit students were offered 7.8 lakh. IIMs reserve 22.5% seats for SC/ST students.

"During the survey, we found that Scheduled Castes/Tribes students were mostly recruited by PSUs rather than MNCs. There were two other findings: that these students have lesser work experience and that they are usually slow-track students who take three years to complete the course instead of two years," Premchand Palety, director, Cfore, told TOI. G K Nagaraj, placement officer at IIM-B, disagreed with the analysis of placement figures.

"You need to have a microscopic view than macroscopic. I would say even among general category students about 40% students do not come into the bracket of average salary offered to SC/ST students. Last year, a Dalit student at IIM-B was offered $58,000 by McKinsey."

Though all six IIMs had decided to boycott B-school surveys saying they were unscientific and did little service to the society, IIM-A volunteered to offer information for the survey. In case of other IIMs, RTI was used. "Through the RTI we sought information about research carried out by the IIM faculty and the results aren't encouraging. Given the kind of investments made in these institutes, there are not any path-breaking research.

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